Disney Birthplace

Walt Disney was born in a modest frame home at 2156 North Tripp Ave. in Chicago, Illinois on December 5th of 1901.

It’s restoration is being funded by The Walt Disney Birthplace not for profit organization.

Walt & Ruth Disney on front porch in 1905.

Walt & Ruth Disney on front porch in 1905.

Plans are being made to restore the small frame house to its original configuration with a period of significance of 1901. Chicago Project Management and historic preservation architect Charlie Pipal are working with the new owners on the evaluation of several plans for the renovation. Exterior cleanup of the siding and restoration of the original window locations is now underway.


Students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Historic Preservation Masters Program are assisting by performing microscopic analysis of the paint colors that have been applied over the years. ┬áHere, professor Anne Sullivan demonstrates how to obtain a paint sample from a piece of the original wood siding.

Painters 12 2 2014

Ferd Johnson Painting starts the task of scraping the old coats of failed paint and Cryer Carpentry repairs siding.

Pase 1 12 4 2014 angle cropped

Phase 1 of the exterior renovations is complete.