Unity Temple

Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL

is suffering from serious roof concrete failure as it marks its 100th anniversary. media-188784 As the owner’s representative for the Congregation, Chicago Project Management will place primary focus on keeping the sanctuary as safe as possible during the on-going work.

Damage to the south ceiling area.

Damage to the south ceiling area.

The current phase will repair the roof / ceiling slab located directly above the organ and pulpit. media-189346 The first challenge for the General Contractor, Zera Construction, is the erection of the interior scaffold that supports the roof during removal and replacement. media-189344 And it is all hidden by Chicago Project Management installed muslin drapes, just in time for two scheduled weddings.

Roof Repairs

media-189347 The shoring continues to pass the load through the foyer and sanctuary roofs to support the cantilevered slabs typical of Frank Lloyd Wright designs. The roof slab concrete has deteriorated significantly in areas where the leaking roof membrane has subjected it to years of water damage. media-189415 When the original cinder based concrete is removed, the original rusted steel rebar is exposed. media-189417 All failed concrete is removed and additional rebar is installed. media-189419 Zinc anodes are attached to the sandblasted and coated steel to greatly increase its life. media-189420 While the concrete is brought to the roof in buckets. media-189421 The CTL Group performs testing to confirm the light weight concrete mix meets their specifications. media-189422 And then the crew from Zera Construction carefully pours the concrete in their forms. media-189423 and the first three portions of the roof is complete. media-190674 When concrete repairs are complete, a new composition roof is applied. media-190675 The the underside of the roof slab is ground smooth, media-190676 and an adhesive is applied.